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HSC Protect Smart Card | Get protected and live a healthier life HSC Protect Smart Card | Get protected and live a healthier life
HSC Protect Smart Card | Get protected and live a healthier life €53,00 €66,00
Introducing HSC Protect Smart Card                     AWARD WINNING RF, EMF, AND MW RADIATION PROTECTION CAR Developed by scientists, laboratory tested, proven to work, and certified. Made of titanium by Swiss standards. The HSC Protect Smart Card is currently the best solution for reducing harmful radio frequency (RF) radiation, electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation, and microwave (MW) radiation exposure and its dangerous effects. What the HSC card does is: ✔ CREATES AN EFFECTIVE FARADAY-TESLA SHIELD AROUND ANY ELECTRONIC DEVICE ✔ ACTIVELY PROTECTS FROM HARMFUL RF, EMF, AND MW RADIATION ✔ SIGNIFICANTLY LOWERS THE BRAIN CELL TEMPERATURE WHILE USING THE PHONE. (< 0.1°C) ✔ HELPS PREVENT MELATONIN REDUCTION CAUSED BY RF, EMF, AND MW RADIATION  ✔ REDUCES OXIDATIVE STRESS CAUSED BY RF, EMF, AND MW RADIATION Cellphone radiation is harmful, but few want to believe it Many researchers and scientists claim that cell phone radiation is harmful and dangerous for human health, but the harsh reality is that most people don’t want to hear about it. Protect yourself from harmful radiation exposure Mobile phones and other electronic devices emit a radio frequency along with electromagnetic radiation. Recent studies show that radio-frequency radiation (RFR) has a harmful impact on human health, including animals and plants. HSC Protect uses innovative and patented technology Tesla’s scalar technology, the technological basis of all our products, is based on decades of laboratory research conducted by American, Russian, Swiss, and Croatian scientists. Essentially, this is a combination of the use of scalar technology and new, modern scientific discoveries. Basic concepts of the technology were developed by NASA for the American space program. HSC Protect is laboratory tested and proven HSC Protect Smart Card characteristics and positive health effects have been tested and certified in specialized laboratories in Europe and the USA. Bion Institute Ltd., Ljubljana, Slovenia; and RF Exposure Lab, Los Angeles, California, USA. Easy application All we need to do is remove the foil from the back of the HSC Protect Smart Card and attach the card to the back of your phone, laptop, tablet, or TV, and it generates a protection field that reduces the harmful radiation.