HSC Technology and Awards

HSC Protect Smart Card Technology

The technology we used to construct the HSC Protect Smart Card has been around for a long period of time. This process involves several sub-technologies, but in essence, it is Tesla scalar technology combined with several other recent scientific discoveries.

For the American space program, NASA developed the core concept in the United States (classified at the time), and it was later developed by several Russian scientists.

In some of the best European and Swiss laboratories, our research teams perfected current technology. Many companies are trying to imitate the technology. But we can say that relevant ion correlations (and charge), plus the functionality of the material the smart card is made of, are programmed in such a way that they create an effective Faraday-Tesla shielding around the device.

This approach is different from the usual (Herzian) field approach in 3 or 4 dimensions of Einstein time-space, and it may be challenging to understand. Our scalar approach is different from others because we also use fractal geometry, which may seem strange to some users.

We should note that the holographic approach we use is also part of modern physics, and discussions about the holographic model of the Universe (a tenet of string theories) can be found on YouTube.
We are working on several new products based on the mentioned technologies.

Mr. Slavko Laus, the designer of the HSC 5G Protect Smart Card, has been recognized and awarded for his patented products in the field of reducing the effects of negative electromagnetic radiation.

Received awards are following:

IBIS 2013, London, UK –  gold medal

INST 2013, Taipei – gold medal

INPEX 2013, Pittsburg, USA – gold medal

International Innovation & Invention Expo 2013, Macao –  gold medal

EUROINVENT 2013, Romania –  gold medal

Archimedes 2013, Moscow, Russia –  gold medal

Technology Expo 2013, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia –  silver medal

IIFME 2012, Kuwait –  gold medal

INOVA 2012, Croatia –  gold medal

INPEX 2012, Pittsburgh, USA –  gold medal

EUROINVENT 2012, Romania –  gold medal


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